Application Services

Rosalle brings together a unique combination of a mid-sized IT services provider with a broad service portfolio that makes us the "best outsourcing / offshore partner”. Rosalle’s application management expertise spans a wide range of application & technology environments. As a partner, Rosalle can provide 24x7 maintenance & support services, and can upgrade the existing applications to give you the powers of using the latest technologies in running your business more effectively and efficiently. Rosalle can provide Management Consultancy support to help you in integrating your people, process and technology.

Rosalle can partner with you for the transformation and take complete ownership of your existing applications. With the relentless focus on productivity and continuous improvement, Rosalle can help Clients to drive down the cost and effort required for business, while managing end-user satisfaction.

Consulting Includes

  • Application Portfolio Analysis
  • Offshorablity Analysis
  • Road Map Definition.

2. Application Enhancement
Rosalle has application enhancement services to address the up-gradation of Clients existing application so as to empower the strength of business processes. Rosalle can vitalize your application with superior production values, logical navigation, proper reuse and implementation of existing data, giving it an overall sense of professionalism by removing all its weaklings & adding the talent & experience of our expertise with their incremental approach. The team of analysts goes through every step of enhancement process to facilitate the realization of your online business goals. Every time, depending upon your enquiry, Rosalle creates and present to you a perfect plan of enhancement requirements of your business solution in a detailed written format.