Document Management System

The Grove Insight document management system is a comprehensive and robust solution that helps in controlling and managing smooth and organized workflow. The primary function is to store and file the large quantity of documents securely which can be retrieved instantly. Grove Insight will reduce your need for paper-based communication. No need to manage bundles of files or drawings while you’re travelling - just order from your print centre and have them delivered on your arrival. With document management system, you can ensure the whole team is on the same page and working from the latest document version. Every time a revision is made, you can auto-update everyone who holds a copy of that document, at the click of a button.

The user can specify the people who have access to his documents. Once the document is uploaded to the system, the users based on various criteria can search it. Documents once checked-out by a person for editing will be available only after the person checks-in the document back into the system.

Functional Components

  • User Management
  • Search and Browse
  • System Configuration
  • System Administration
  • Workflow Management
  • Management Reporting