GromaX – A new generation ERP system


GromaX ERP addresses the highly challenging business requirements. It is an integrated suite of various software modules suitable for different industry segments. GromaX has evolved to be a powerful and stable ERP application through years of research & development and implementation in various industry segments.The application is built on cutting-edge software technologies and design concepts to make it a robust

Simple Approch to a Perfect Makeover.
system considering the ever changing technologies in the software and telecommunication industry. Powered by the fabulous .Net technology of Microsoft, GromaX is all set to take up the technical challenges of tomorrows.


Supports multi-company/Branch/Profit centre accounting.
Supports autonomous branches.
Enforces high-level security measures.
Developed using Object Oriented Programming concepts.
Integration with Attendance system,RFID,Bar-code,PLC.
Provides backward and forward transaction traceability.
Aids effective decision-making through integrated Executive Information System (EIS).
Easy to Use and Maintain.
User defined Menu system.
Pop ups for approval/authorization.
Graphical reports.
More than 20 Modules.

Industry verticals

Gloves on GromaX ERP for gloves manufacturing industries.
Agro on GromaX ERP for Ago/extraction industries.
Manufacturing & Process Industries.
HR on GromaX for HRD & Pay roll.
Ware house & distribution management.
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