Agro & Extraction Industries

Farming and further processing of crops is an integral part of many food and agriculture-based companies. GroMAX has successfully invested in this domain. GroMAX for Farming synergizes agro operations of a company with its other functional areas like manufacturing processes, sales, export etc. It simplifies backward tracking, crop forecast, farmer management (in case of contract farming), fund management and MIS reporting. to name a few. GroMAX caters to all activities including seed input plan, harvesting, procurement of crops from the farmers and further production processes.

Effective Farming with the GroMAX Advantage

  • Generates MIS reports for an organization’s entire operations easily.
  • Good Backward traceability.
  • Crop forecast feature allows Ingredient-Value based calculation.
  • Seamlessly integrates with the other modules.
  • Better managed organizations grow faster and are more reliable

Cultivation Planning helps the users plan cultivation at multiple levels like branch, supervisor and village. The Research and Development wing can also set the ideal time for sowing based on the farmlands.

Crops Forecast can be done based on various parameters which are either controllable or non controllable such as weather conditions. Crops forecast are a good tool which could be used very effectively for what-if analysis. In general the Crop Forecast can be based on weather factors, soil/water conditions and on cultivation practices. This feature helps for proper fund management and resource mobilization.