The simple approach to a perfect makeover

GroMAX ERP addresses the highly challenging business requirements. It is an integrated suite of various software modules suitable for different industry segments. GroMAX has evolved to be a powerful and stable ERP application through years of research & development and implementation in various industry segments. The application is built on cutting-edge software technologies and design concepts to make it a robust system considering the ever changing technologies in the software and telecommunication industry. Powered by the fabulous .Net technology of Microsoft, GroMAX is all set to take up the technical challenges of tomorrows.

Industry verticals

  • GroMAX Industry Manufacturing Solution - Production / Process
  • GroMAX HRD & Pay roll for any Industries
  • Gloves on GroMAX for gloves industries
  • GroMAX for agro/extraction based industries
  • GroMAX ERP – SAAS Model