GLOVES ON GroMAX is a total solution to plan and manage the complete operations of any Gloves Manufacturing Unit. Flexible classification of gloves, production planning based on sales data, production control, generation of packing plans, etc. are some of the features that makes this product unique in Gloves industry. GroMAX automates the entire business process.

Starting from procurement of key raw material through production process to shipping of finished goods, billing, collection, financial costing and accounting. All processes like Compounding, Dope preparation, washing of moulds, drying of Gloves, Chlorination, Inspection, Walleting, Pouching, Packing, Sterilization, etc. or addressed in the system.

Backward traceability of the product is possible through the batch number concept used in the system. The rich features of GroMAX transaction screens and real-time reporting help organizations plan better. It helps to optimize workforce productivity and enforce better control on inventory. This means the top management is equipped to make well-informed decisions.


  • Application is built specifically for Glove Industry with N no of production Lines.
  • It integrates all the departments within a gloves manufacturing company and manages entire operations.
  • On-line communication between the departments of the Glove production facility
  • Generates Industry specific reports such as Packing plans, Pouching Reports, Wastage Analysis, Chlorination Reports, Top-up Reports etc.
  • Helps in accessing the status of the semi-finished/finished gloves and Serves the customers efficiently by way of prompt responses.
  • Disposing queries immediately and facilitating the payments from customers with ease and well ahead of the stipulated deadline.
  • Suitable for global operations as it encompasses all the domestic jargons, currency conversions, diverse accounting standards etc
  • Gloves on GroMAX can bring ROI within a short span of time.
  • Backward traceability of the product is possible through the batch number concept used in the system